Friday, 27 May 2011

So I haven't written any posts here yet .That's because

I'm super busy doing my Make Do and Mend wardobe refashion on my other blog Adventures Of The Creative Miss W

On a very small budget so perhaps that might intrest you?

The first dress up for refashion

I don't know if you're anything like me but I have like 2 dresses I wear all the time and the others only when my favourites are in the wash. Obviousley something had to be done about this considering there's actually a fair amount of clothes in my closet.It's just that there's something wrong with them all really. a bit big in the shoulders,a bit frumpy,needs some darts,needs a complete refashion.....

In my ever growing  book collection I have a copy of Make Do and Mend. I 'm sure most of you will be familiar with it. It's a great little book.

It suggests that you unpick your garment,wash and press the fabric and then cut out your pattern. A couple of years ago when I first got the book that seemed a bit of a waste of time when I could think of so many short cuts. but after a good few refashions .and don't get me wrong sometimes they came out great.But I guess what I'm looking for has changed . I want to love the garment I'm making for a long time to come. With quick fixes you often don't get that.A lot of the time it's  not quite right even if it looks good on the photo.

So I'm setting about doing things the proper way. I can't guarantee I have mended my ways but I'm trying to resist a quick fix.

I'm trying to do this on  a very tight budget so I'm only buying fabric/buttons/notions where absolutely neccessary and only if that enables me to make use of something I allready have. I'm taking patterns from clothes I allready have or making them myself .